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  • Service: 1/5
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Terrible Experience

They messed up the colour I asked for and dyed my hair the opposite colour. I had to go through to my hair being bleached and dyed twice fully. My scalp was burning and i was in terrible pain, i still have scabs all over my head and my hair is completely burnt. I also spent almost 5hs there because they had no idea what to do. They said I should come back to get it fixed the following week and when I said I cant afford to spend $400 on my hair 2 weeks in a row, they rolled their eyes at me. In the end, they didnt even apologize. Avoid this place like the plague. I don't write reviews but I thought this one was necessary. If you care about your hair and your scalp, do yourself a favor and don't go there.

Service: 1/5
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I am not happy with this service

I don't like this company. So if I don't like the company services I write up the company and hopefully they can see my review and work on the things that needs improving. One is what I want the hair dressers to do style the hair I like it they wont. I got bad hair service because the manager was not around when she said she would be. So I got somebody else to do my hair. I wanted an alternative look and got a bad hair do. The split ends were not done properly. I still had split ends. I like the colour on my hair it was great. But the part where I wanted shaved the side of my hair was a lousy job. The shape the I wanted disappeared. And it still has not grown back. And when I wanted extenstions I called the manager repeatly to do get my hair extenstions but, she didn't call me back. So I had to go somewhere else to get it and they did a really bad job than this company. I will not go anywhere to get my hair done here. I rather go to the States where they do a good job and kind of fixed my hair. But they couldnt do much with it. If she didn't want to do my hair just say it instead of prolonging me. I hate that. I won't ever use this company again. Because of the lousy job. Because the manager had to go to a hair show. And they had to subsitute somone one else. And she tells me when shaping my hair that she is not expereienced enough and that there was no body else to do this job. Great so they stuck me with somone else that didnt know how to shave or cut my split ends because she hasnt done this for a long time. I didnt know that until she finished my hair great. I wanted to give them a second chance because I was to the States and I wanted to look great and I didn't look great. Thanks.

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