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  • Service: 4/5
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Incompetent service department did major damage to my friend's car. He attempted to drive it 20 miles home and was stranded by the side of the road for hours. The service manager denied all responsibility and attempted to pass the buck. Will never give my business to this place again.

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Gary B

Ubtrained Staff?

I was overcharged for $32 on my debit card (there were other issues as well). It was Friday afternoon and the cashiers were completely untrained on how to do the refund and I finally just walked out. I will definitely go back to East Side Dodge as my experience there is that it is a much tighter ship. Again there were other issues aside from the aforementioned. They need to tighten up.

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George P

Same old BS

I was assured that for $1250 my Durango would be fixed. 1 day later It stalled exactly the same way as before it was "repaired". So I brought back, more of my time, and was told it needed another $950 in repairs. I turned it down and they even tried to charge me for a second diagnostic...I advice anyone seeking repairs to avoid this place.

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Scott G

Great service

Purchased my vehicle at another dealer and have been getting my service here. It has been great to be welcomed and served with integrity. Also, free wifi in the waiting area

Service: 4/5
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