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1005 11 St SE, Calgary AB T2G 3E9
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Shortly after both the Second World War and the Korean War ended, the Canadian government found itself with an excess – or surplus – of military goods. Gordon Cumming, an avid entrepreneur, recognized these items to be a way to continue awareness of the meanings of the wars. In 1952, Gordon opened Crown Surplus and began providing military uniforms and accessories to Calgarians.

It wasn’t long before Crown Surplus became more than just a business to Gordon, as the shop was also a way for him to bond with his son, John. “I’ve been here pretty much all my life,” John says. “Like, during school I’d come here on weekends and help my dad… and right after high school, I’ve been here ever since.”

Gordon has worked at Crown Surplus for several decades and feels an unwavering commitment to the store, while enjoying the opportunity to spend time with his son. “He’s still here, seven days a week,” says John.

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