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    Kim A

    Wow ! I went in n...

    Wow ! I went in needed help and on the spot they made it happen. Top notch service and with a smile

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    BEWARE of misquotes!!!

    I had a similar experience to dark raven with regard to being quoted one price on the phone and paying over 40% more when I picked up my vehicle. I called into the shop on August 18, 2012 and asked for a quote for a trailer hitch that needed to tow a Uhaul trailer. I had been checking prices online and the price quoted on the phone was in line with the prices I had found online. Great! The sales person was very friendly and said they could fit me in right away. I was estatic! I went down to the shop and dropped my vehicle off and picked it up a few hours later. When I picked it up the bill they gave me was a whopping 43% higher than I was quoted on the phone! WOW!! When I questioned them they said that the price quoted didn't include the wiring. Hmmm. I mentioned that I clearly asked when I called and since they knew it was to haul a uHaul they would have known I needed wiring so it seemed deceitful not to mention this in my quote. I also mentioned that the prices I had seen online were in line with my original quote. The lady ringing me in said there was nothing she could do and that if she had talked to me she would have told me. Needless to say my estatic feeling waned and instead I walked away feeling very deceived and unhappy. My advice for future shoppers: Make sure you get a VERY clear breakdown of the price you are paying!! I ended up paying over 40% more than quoted and the market price. Their advertising offers a best guarantee. This is obviously nothing more than advertising and is not something they stand by. The service was good but I would not recommend this business as I felt they were unethical in misrepresenting themselves and overcharging.

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    I was dissappointed with the hitch shop and will not return. They said they would remove my old hitch (class 1, bike hitch) and put a 2" hitch. This would cost $250. I had another person with me that day. When I picked up my vehicle the cost was 20% more, $300 (the person who was with me that day heard the same thing, all in 250), and the old hitch was not removed. The old hitch is now in the way of a regular hitch length. I now need to purchase an extended hitch. I try to explain to the owner who continued to say I was incorrect. yet they didnt do half of what they said on the order. If I had the CORRECT information, I would have given it a second thought. I will NOT do business there again

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    Fast and friendly service

    I was extremely impressed with the great customer service at the Hitch Shop. I would definitely recommend them to others looking for a trailer hitch solution.

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