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    Do not support this place! Terrible!

    Terrible customer service and installation! What happened was I double checked the hitch before I left and saw one of the bolts wasn't screwed in all of the way.When I asked them to screw it in the rest of the way the guy in the back flipped out (cussed at her) at the lady up front for asking and then threw my key down on the counter when he was done with no apology. Then I found they left a bolt out entirely when I picked up my uhaul. Luckily they put a bolt in for me at the Barlow uhaul.

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    Darren P

    never received be...

    never received better service in the face of a problem than I received at this Hitch Shop in N Calgary. Our family was heading out on a camping trip & stopped by near closing time with a problem on our hitch/trailer. The guys (Peter and Terry?) went above & beyond to fix problem & did not hesitate doing all they could to get us back on road again. Never seen 2 guys so sharp at diagnosing & fixing a technical problem. As efficient as a pit crew ! A big thank you to these guys who made our day

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