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100-206 10A St NW, Calgary AB T2N 4P4
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It’s the dead of winter in Calgary. Would you head out the door to go shopping? Well plenty of brides-to-be don’t think twice about it if they’re heading to Ingear. “One of the jewellers we stock, Joanna Bisley, specialises in beautiful wedding and special occasion jewellery. She makes it with Swarovski crystal and pearls,” co-owner Jim Campbell says. “We had some brides-to-be in here in February, when it was 40 below, who just had to take a look at the pieces for their future wedding outfits!”

Since 1991, Jim and his wife Maryanne, along with business partner Sarah Atkinson, have searched the four corners of the earth for original products in fashion, home décor, handy travel accessories and furnishings. Their travels through Europe and the US, as well as an eye for something that just might sell, inspired them to open Ingear in Calgary’s trendy area of Kensington.

“We started out stocking a lot of cool electronic gadgets, Sony Discmans and Rollerblades – remember them? We got more interested in supporting creative people. They’re talented at what they do, but we like to help them on the business side.”

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