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3 High St SE, Calgary AB T2Z 3T7
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  • Asiatique,
  • Chinoise,


  • Poulet géneral tao,
  • Dumpling,
  • Dim sum,
  • Chow mein,
  • Chop suey,
  • Poulet,


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  • Mandarin,

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The year 2013 was a bad one for Judy Seto. The Highwood River burst its banks and flooded her business. She and her husband, Joe, had moved to High River in 1995, and bought the Golden National Chinese Family Restaurant. Now, it was under water.

Like most of the residents of the town, the Setos persevered. Five months after the flood, they re-opened. Ten days after the opening, Judy’s father passed away. He had always urged her to move to Calgary and open a restaurant. He wanted her to live closer to her adult children, both attending the University of Calgary.

The flood and his death was a real one-two punch, but instead of knocking her down, it moved her north to McKenzie Towne in southeast Calgary.

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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Janson M

    The dumplings are delicious

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    Sarah D

    Very disappointed...

    Very disappointed. The sweet and sour pork looked and tasted exactly alike and they were bland and meat was so dry and overcooked. We called to let them know and they remade the dishes but wer very angry and rude to us about it.

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    Myleen R

    My husband and I ...

    My husband and I treated ourselves to Chinese food after a long day and were severely disappointed after we started eating. The won ton soup broth was flavourless and the wanting were entirely too salty. They have Raman noodles in the soup as wee. Their "large" soup is every other places small. The mixed veggies were so salty, over cooked and slimy. The curry vegetables had very little taste. The ginger beef was dry and chewy. Once I called, the owner, Judy, explained how she cooked them and why

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    Mike S

    Since the change ...

    Since the change of the owners sooo disappointed :( we ordered from here awhile back and ordered sweet and sour pork, ginger beef, and chow mein. The food arrived after almost 2 hours (we are 5 mins away) the food was all the same color and the sweet and sour pork had 3 chunks of pineapple in it only. Hope they get better or we wont be ordering from there again

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    Delicious food an...

    Delicious food and great customer service! We had a great experience here!

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    Tony B

    had a few people ...

    had a few people over, decided to order dinner for 4, items were missing once we received, i called to ask about the missing items and the lady on the phone proceeded to say the i DID receive those *missing items and that i was trying to get some free food... my order was already over 100$ she argued with me about the missing items and refused to deliver what i paid for... terrible customer service and will never order from her again

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