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Kensington Pub is known to patrons as “KP” or “K-Pub.” From the outside, it's obvious that it’s an English pub. In summer, the establishment’s brick walls are covered in green vines and its sign features the jowly face of Bufford, its English bulldog mascot. But the pub’s real charm and the reason people keep coming back is the staff. Owner Lynn Porteous purchased the pub in 1993 and since then, dozens of her family members have worked here — some of them for decades.

“Having the family here all working together keeps us close,” she says. “If my family decided to do something else, I would sell the pub.” And when regulars and new customers come in, they'll be treated like family, too. “If you come here two or three times, the staff is going to know what you drink and what your main dish is.”

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