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    Nicole-Jared T

    Asked to leave!!!

    Extremely dissapointed! This was the first preschool I visited out of 5. I had no idea what to expect and I was pleasantly greeted by one of the teacher assistants. She allowed my son to join the group and I watched from the side. The room was very large and their were lots of play stations set up. However, after the first 30-45 minutes, I was approached by the teacher and asked if I had seen what I needed to see. I politely asked if she would like me to leave and she said, "actually I would." She didn't ONCE ask if I had any questions for her. She continued to explain that the teacher/student ratio did not allow for us to come and play whenever we felt like it. (this was my first time researching the class!) I mantained my composure and thanked her and her assistants before leaving. I most definitely will not be enrolling my child in a program with a teacher that refuses to respect her prospective student's parents. I believe that it is our right as a parent to do as much research into a preschool program until we feel comfortable that it is a place where we want to invest our money and entrust our precious children to be taught at. I advise anyone who is considering Kidz Choice to do their own research before registering their child into this program. There are MUCH better preschools out there as I soon found out.

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    Réponse du marchand 11 juin 2013

    Hi tschritter- We are sorry that you were disappointed that you were asked to leave after the teacher asked you if you had any questions. The teacher didn't expect you to stay longer than 15 minutes and let your toddler play ong. It should have been explained that we have a 15 minute visitation in the classroom setting for parents. It wasn't and we are sorry about that. We have a 3-5 year old age limit in our program and we have to respect the teacher/child ratio or we could loose our license. We do have a Visitor Policy in effect now to allow parents to have a quality visitation experience.

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