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    Just horrible and staff is exceptionally rude. My family doctor tried for a few days to get my test results from them.And i ended up going to crowfoot anyway because they threaten me to charge 25$ per page.

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    Megan G

    Terrible place. Don't go unless it's your last resort

    This clinic is awful. The doctors literally don't know anything. The first time I went was for some bumps and the doctor said "I don't know what is, what do you think you have?" The second time I went for for an extremely bad cough that left me without a voice and he said "your fine, drink tea and eat soup and come back on 3 weeks if your voice doesn't return" and refused to give me any medication. Therefore I went to another doctor who said I had an upper respiratory infection. Got antibiotic

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    AC D

    This clinic has significcnt lyimproved over the last year or

    Have been do this clinic a number of times since last September. Doctors have been attentive and wait times have significantly improved. Used to visit this clinic once a while between 2010 - 2013 and encountered long wait time. I was there today and prior to seeing the doctor, I explained to the nurse my symptoms and she immediately collected urine sample prior to me meeting wit the doctor, the Doctor quickly confirmed the bladder infection. I would say this clinic has significantly improved.

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    Danielle H

    Very unsatisfied ...

    Very unsatisfied with the sanitary conditions of the clinic. Went in to have stitched removed and the doctor went to take them out with a dirty blade he picked up from the counter without washing his hands from seeing other patients. Then to top it off wouldn't answer any questions that were asked and seemed like he knew nothing of what he was talking about. At the end of the visit the wound had reopened and he didn't even do anything about it. Never going to this clinic again!!!!!!

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