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    I am not going to write a long essay. This company already has many bad reviews. I got fooled by their fake BBB rating and failed to check other reviews on google. This is their service in a point form: - They will promise a specific time to load your items and after you wait 3 hours, they tell you, they can not come till the next day. - After you loose your mind and argue with them, they show up 5 hours after your scheduled appointment - Once they have your stuff in your truck, they do no

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    Very bad company. I got my stuff after 47 days and damage on two sofas,damage on dinner table, two leather chairs missing. I think they saved my phone number they never answer me call

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    Trung R

    Lose goods. Damage 30 percent of them. Over charge for moving and extra fees. They will charge one 150 to move your bedframe while they dont mention or commplain that a move took 20 min because everything was in moving back and requires no lifting. I would strongly not recommend younto use this company. Beware.

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