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Having spent several years running Muse, a Kensington fine-dining mainstay, Stephen Deere bought the place. However, he decided it was time to move away from haute cuisine and give patrons food they could more easily sink their teeth into. Noting that Calgary's northwest lacked an independent steakhouse, he launched Modern Steak in the fall of 2014.

In addition to serving expertly grilled steaks, Stephen has another objective in mind: to create a new spin on the high-end steakhouse. Steering clear of the traditional dark, wood-panelled room with leather banquettes, Modern Steak is as of-the-now as its name suggests.

“We have what I like to think of as a warm, modern feeling. It doesn't look like an old boys' club,” Stephen says. “Another thing is our casual, upscale approach. You can come and be yourself, laugh out loud, have a good time, and you’re still going to have a premium experience.”

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