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    HORRIBLE GROOMING SERVICES. I have had my dog groomed twice here. The first time she returned looking like a lawn mower ran over her. Very choppy and unprofessional. I was told it was a new groomer. I was also informed she had a nose bleed while there. Found it very strange as she has never had one before. Dropped her off for a second grooming, and within half an hour we were called to pick her up due to nosebleed. Again she NEVER gets nosebleeds. Puppy training classes are mediocre.

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    Colleen L

    Horrible customer service, called looking for corn cob bedding and was told it was there so I put it on hold. Went in to pick it up and it was a small bag of paper bedding. I wouldn't have been upset but I described what I was looking for in detail. Manager came over to help and said we don't have it and walked away. Worst customer service and I will not shop there again.

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    Pet friendly location

    I love any place where I can take my puppy. Petsmart is a great place to take your dog to go get groomed. For an extra $10.00 you can get an express groom, so your dog is never kenneled and its done in less than an hour. It worked out to be $67-77 each time I go. The selection of snacks and dog food is great. I wish they had more dog clothes, as the selection is usually limited and they do not carry enough winter gear. The floors are always spotless and if you pet accidentally pees/poops, there are stations nearby where you can clean it up. There are also training classes available as well, although I have never tried them.

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