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107-12100 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB T2J 7G9
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    Salim Kudsi

    Highly recommended to anyone who wants a barber with substance! It's not easy finding a good barber nowadays and I just got lucky with Sam. He does amazing work. I appreciate the time detail and skill Sam puts in nothing feels rushed! Besides that it's a very clean professional atmosphere and they play great music and have sports on while you wait! What else can I say this place is awesome!😍💯

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    Réponse d'entreprise 17 octobre 2018

    Thanks for the review Salim! We agree Sam is amazing. See you in the shoppe soon!


    Amazing service provided by all barbers. Highly recommended, and I believe that this is the best barber shop in the city.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 17 octobre 2018

    Thanks for the kind words! We are the best barber shoppe in YYC


    I will never go to this barber shop again. I requested the barber to clean or sanitize the clipper & shaver machines used to cut other people’s hair, the barber named Will took offence & told me they only clean their machine at the end of the day and never between cut. The owner started insulting me and calling me names for requesting to have their clipper sanitized before my cut. Avoid transmitted diseases by requesting the barber at this shop clean their clipper then report their response here

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    Diane E

    The best shop aro...

    The best shop around town. Best service. Best cut. Feeling fresh everytime i walk out. Thanks Razors Edge!

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    Booked 2 weeks in advance for wedding party day before wedding. After calling again to confirm, the res wasn't made so I re reserved...showed up and they didn't have a clue. To make things worse they rushed us through so fast we all had horrible razor burn and nicks for the wedding and pictures. Obviously a busy place but just very disappointing for all 8 of us.

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    Why go to a hairdresser if you can go to a barber?

    I will no longer go to a hairdresser for my haircut every 3 weeks. Everytime i would go to a hairdresser it would be someone else working there with no reason to be there but take a paycheque. I was skeptical to pay more at the barber than at the hairdresser but I was instantly converted. A cut that a hairdresser did for me would be 10 mins, at Razors Edge it's easily 20 mins ( making sure it's 110%). The guys at Razors Edge are great !! They treat me very well, make me feel important when I come in, give me a very good haircut everytime and have fun when they're working. I am treated the same way today ( as a regular ) as I was when I went there the first time. I also like the occasional treat when I get a Hot Facial Shave. Not many barbers even do them, these guys do!! On that note, with a normal hair cut, they even Hot Shave the "peach fuzz" off the back of the neck. Very professional and perfect place to go. ENJOY !!

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