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    Kyle H

    So. Where are the premium flowers I ordered? Is this a joke?

    A disgusting company. Where to start? The flowers arrived well past the time they were supposed to, the driver's response? "here are your flowers" and walked away. I guess it's okay if the flowers are great right? Wrong. Despite missing the event, the flowers were of remarkably poor quality and in no way reflected what was shown. The order was for "premium" flowers. What arrived were flowers that were not listed in the advertisement, less flowers and lots of green filler plants. Unacceptable.

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    Ordered a cactus ...

    Ordered a cactus arrangement for same day delivery and the service was awful! Woman working was rude and defensive and product was poor quality (did not match the website) and overpriced. Delivery showed up 4.5 hours later than what they guaranteed and no one apologized for the tardiness. Do NOT buy from here. I have never written a negative review about any place but created an account specifically to write this review. One of the worst customer service and products I have ever experienced. Do not be fooled by the "family owned business" or "free delivery" advertisements.

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    Terrible, Terrible Florist, Buy Elsewhere

    Right.. thought my girl should write the review so you can all see what these muppets are like so here's her review: I am a girl. I love flowers. And never in my entire life have I been unhappy to receive flowers. UNTIL RED ROSE FLORISTS CAME INTO EXISTENCE and my boyfriend fell for its false advertising and poor service. The flowers actually WERE delivered to me. Yes, they did arrive but a few days later than they were supposed to. (Good job Red Rose Florists, it seems like delivering to the right person on the right day, or just delivering AT ALL is a huge challenge to you.) But the flowers I received were completely different from the pictures they advertised, and when my boyfriend told me how much he spent on them... I was livid and speechless. I'm sure these reviews say more than enough -- don't even bother with such a company that can't deliver any value to its customers. They're rubbish and when you try speak to them, they're just plain rude. EDIT: Here are the flowers after a day!!

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    K S

    Floral Arrangements in a Jam

    Recently we attended a wedding where the florist didnt show up, that being said we needed some flowers so we called Red Rose, they had an arrangement made for us by the time we got there. They were great to work with and now we know this is the place to order from!

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