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Deciding to lose weight can be intimidating. For some, facing the issues that caused their weight gain can be difficult. Others may just be too afraid to even start the process. Rejuve Health & Wellness knows exactly how to address these jitters and start changing peoples’ lifestyles. “We’ve been helping Calgarians lose weight and detoxify their bodies since 2004,” says owner Elanna Halisky. “We’re teaching our clients how to detoxify through our lymphatic drainage technique, combined with nutrition between treatments.”

Rejuve Health & Wellness does a lymphatic drainage massage with an intense heated body wrap. First, a consultation with Elanna and her associates will measure your weight and body-fat percentage. “We do the measurements before and after the treatment,” says Elanna. The 20-minute lymph massage is done using Rejuve’s own creams, and is administered by a registered massage therapist. The massage targets the lymph nodes to drain toxins out of the body. The hot body wrap occurs after the massage, which lasts for 45 minutes. The wrap is heated up to 55 degrees Celsius, allowing the body to sweat away the toxins.

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