Type de restaurant

  • Restaurant gastronomique,
  • Lounge,
  • Bar,

Type de cuisine

  • Moyen-orientale,
  • Internationale,
  • Méditerranéenne,


  • Sandwich,


  • Plat à emporter,
  • Menu en ligne,
  • Restaurant avec service de livraison,


  • Romantique,
  • Intime,
  • Décontractée,

Langues parlées

  • Anglais,
  • Arabe,
112B 8 Avenue SW, Calgary AB T2P 1B3
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  • 11 $ à 25 $,

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Situated between the historic, turn of the century Molson Bank and Hudson’s Block buildings on Stephen Avenue Walk, and sharing a tenancy with the Western Store and Calgary Shoe Hospital, is a Syrian restaurant that’s both an emerging casual-dining hotspot and an apt reminder of downtown Calgary’s ever-changing dynamic.

Surrounded by historic sandstone architecture and Cowboy paraphernalia, A La Saj, which opened in January of 2013, offers a fresh take on downtown eats. Tastefully casual, the bright, narrow space is inviting. As Arabic house music pumps through the sound system, you notice the simple yet effective decorative touches: gleaming white walls, black chandeliers and vintage black-and-white photographs in an assortment of frames hung salon-style throughout the seating area.

Manager Mohammad Elsabek explains that the images are of The Oriental Club, an award-winning eatery in Syria on which A La Saj is based. A fast-paced lunch spot by day, the restaurant shifts into a lower gear by night when the lights are dimmed, the volume of the music goes up and the shishas come out. “At lunch, people are in a hurry, they cannot wait, but in the evening we are relaxed,” says Mohammad of the shift from convenience to comfort. Additionally, on weekends, the restaurant brings in a variety of types of live musical entertainers who perform traditional Syrian fare as well as contemporary western songs. Music includes oud performances (a mandolin-like instrument) and a weekly dabake night (a type of Arabic dance) in the former category, as well as DJs and karaoke in the latter.

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