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While studying art in university, David Haight took part in a craft gallery. He enjoyed the experience so much that when he graduated he decided to open his own. The result was Rubaiyat, a gallery that primarily sells handcrafted gifts and crafts. “It was challenging,” David says of starting up his business. “But it is the case of learning as you go. In art you do that anyway.”

The gallery got its start in 1973 and over the years Rubaiyat has built a reputation for showcasing fine handcrafted giftware by Canadian and international artists. It’s taken a lifelong commitment by David and his wife to build that reputation, sometimes working six days a week. “We represent 500 artists currently and work with them directly,” David notes.

The couple's children are working with them as well, which has breathed new life into Rubaiyat. “We likely wouldn’t have carried the load anymore. It’s a great renewal for the business,” David points out. “We are proud they chose to join us; it’s encouraging because they are attuned to the business. I don’t know if it’s because it’s been bred into them or because they’ve been around it their whole lives.”

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