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    Shirley H

    We stay at your hotel on Thursday night. On Friday night we stayed at the Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton. Your hotel was far better than the Chateau in Edmonton. The only thing when breakfast starts at 6:30 am your staff should have it all out and ready to go at 6:30 am. There was no waffle mix and no coffee at 6:30 am. Another thing your pillows could be bigger.

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    Super "Rude"

    First of all the heating was poor and it was called (I was staying there on Christmas eve 2012) and the closet was small and short and i asked 4 times for hangers (there were only 3 in the room and i needed at least 10) and after all that got only one more , after 2 days paying day by day i came in the morning to pay (right after breakfast) and the guy in front desk said i cant continue with that room cause its booked for someone else and if i want i can move to another room, so i asked why no one tolled me that earlier in the morning and not just 45 minutes before i need to evacuate (i had 2 suite cases worth of stuff spread there) so he said :"sorry but you need to move to another room" (what Christmas spirit , seriously?) and i said i want to complain to the manager, he smile and said "i am the manager" , so i said ill complain later on phone to the Franchise owner for this and he just smiled again and said: "I am one of the owners" (he was an in his early 50's about). my advice guys...if the owner is so rude and unpleasant and said i ca complain who ever i want to , so don't go there, I later found for same price in close by area better hotel with a pool and hut tub included and "Real Canadian costumer service" , what i like about Canada is the (usually) good costumer service.

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