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Soon after Tom Fowler started Tom’s House of Pizza in 1963, one of the most important people to join the pizza joint came on board. John Windle began at Tom’s House of Pizza in the late 1960s, starting from the bottom up. “I was a dishwasher, a cook, everything,” John says. “But I worked hard and eventually achieved my goal of owning this great Calgary franchise.”

While the restaurant industry is not always easy on its staff, John has always treated his staff well and has gladly worked alongside them when needed. “I know what it’s like to work in a kitchen and to serve people, and that’s why some of my staff have been with me for almost two decades.”

After realizing a need to separate celebrating local sports teams from quiet-night-out families enjoying their pizza, John started attaching pubs to each Tom’s House of Pizza location. Adventurers’ Pub is the first pub he opened and, located centrally along MacLeod Trail, is a mainstay in the local pub scene. "We added the pub in 1987," John says, "and have been providing our customers with a cozy, friendly atmosphere ever since."

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