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  • Service: 3/5
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Great customer service

I loved my visit. I was treated with respect and felt like I was high priority. We ask for a specific model and that’s what we got. They made paper work easy and able to understand. I would recommend Treadz to anyone.

Service: 5/5
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Do NOT Buy From Here!!!!!

I had purchased a vehicle through the Treadz Auto Group about 2 months ago and after plenty of complications with them paying off my trade in I was stuck with a bunch of NSF fees and to much time dealing with the finance issues that Treadz created for me. Finally after 2 horrible months dealing with the issues that they were supposed to deal with, they finally paid of my trade in and of course made issues with my new finance company. I wish I would have not went through them and would like to give everyone a heads up on their childish, unprofessional dealership before you sign your name away!!!

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Do not sell your car here

My experience with this dealership was nothing but a headache. I found it very hard to talk to the Employees there. They constantly refer to you as "Brother", and work very hard to control the conversation. It is very obvious that they are only looking out for themselves and their bottom line. I felt very uncomfortable leaving my car with them and they did not return my calls when they said they would. I had to persistently call to talk to anyone. Once I did I wasn't so sure I wanted to talk any further with them because of how angry, unprofessional and confrontational they are. Stay away!

Service: 1/5
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