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    Wurst is the Worst

    I was initially refused a 7:00 pm reservation as the complaint was they could not get a second seating from that table. They prefer we arrive either at 6:30 or 8:30. I was shocked at this and was about to simply hang up when they said they would seat us at the requested time. Upon arrival our party of 5 was crammed in at a table for four, the music so loud in the dining room we had to shout at our waitress and eachother. The service was very good but the food utterly tasteless, salt and pepper that we added to our own dishes constituted the only flavor. The oompah band that was apparently to stroll through the diners made a brief and disjointed apprearance, centering solely on a single table but seemingly unable to play the song in unison. One member of the band seemed lost as afterwards he was wandering through the dining room with his finger periodically cleaning out his nose. This has been the most disappointing dining experience of my life. The hostess is rude, the food overpriced and tasteless, and neither I nor any member of my party will ever go back. Wurst, you are an embarrassment.

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    Joe P

    Awsome beer's

    Loved the selection of beers and ok service

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