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    Bad service, rude manners, never return.

    My story the way I lived it. I arrived this Friday 12, July, 2013. Time: 17:50. Ok , 10 minutes to close the shop, Friday late afternoon, everybody wants to go home and have a rest. But they were open, weren't they?. Ok, I went to the desk where this man gave me the what-are-you-doin'-in-me-shop look. Hello, I wonder if you could give me a VGA to RCA cable. What?, he said. (I wasn't asking exactly for a CRAY computer to run the Pentagon's missile grid, just a 10 ft cable to connect a laptop to an old TV set). Ya'know, a cable for this and that. No,no,no, you don't need that (BTW, I've done this thousand times, and I do know exactly what I need). Best thing is this signal converter I have here (uh?), around 25 dollars. Oh, is that so?. And how does it work (as if I didn't know). The bloke takes the device and starts... reading the instructions leaflet! (man, I can read, I tell you). Ok , you connect that here and this there and that'll be all. I wasn't exactly convinced, and coming from Europe, I thought "Well,maybe he's right, I'll give it a try". About to end the purchase, I asked for and extension VGA VGA cable 10 ft lenght, he goes to the racks, takes one and put it on the desk, starts running the bill when I said: "Would you mind to let me check again connections and gender of the plugs?. I don't have a car (true, came by bus on line 6) and I prefer to be sure". He glares at me, takes the box and gives it to me ever so sloooowly. I checked the plugs and conclude that I needed some other adaptor, he has in stock, as it's clearly shown in the on line catalogue. I said: Sir, I think that this will not work, I know you have... No way, he literally takes the items out of my reach, packs them all in sharp moves, and said to me "Well, this-is-all-I-have-sir-good-bye", looking blatantly to the door.

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