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As a little boy, Corey Meyer would visit his dad’s butcher shop, Meyer’s Meats, don his miniature apron, “splash a little bit of blood and mess on it, to be like Dad” and do little jobs, like sweeping, while taking lunches in his “office,” the spice storage room. Corey’s drive to become a butcher stemmed from growing up in a German trained meat cutter’s shop – you could say it’s in his blood. And while his dad’s shop ignited his entrepreneurial flame, Jack, the previous owner of Acme Meat Market, mentored Corey as a new butcher and groomed him to take over his family's business.

After high school, Corey went to NAIT and took the their meat cutting course; his first job out of school was at Acme Meat Market and he’s been there for more than 20 years. As his mentor, Jack challenged Corey daily to improve his skills, while modelling the quality workmanship and customer service that Acme Meat Market has been known for since 1921. “When I first started, I gauged how well I was doing by how many times something would be put back in front of me,” says Corey. “I would tie something up and put it in the case, and Jack would come and take it out and put it back in front of me. He would make me figure out what wasn’t good about it; so then I got the feel of it.”

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    I buy all of my m...

    I buy all of my meat here, and I have never been disappointed. Great customer service, great prices, locally raised, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free... how can you go wrong?

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