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    Had the best massage I've had in years...will definitely keep going back.

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    Do not EVER go to this spa! A friend of mine got an infection on her toe here after she had a pedicure. When she called the owner to ask what she should do about it... the owner flipped! She got all defensive about it, and told my friend that she should throw out the coupon post card she was sent in the mail. Not only that, but she hung up the phone on her. The worst part about it, is that my husband had bought me a 5 hour afternoon at the spa for Christmas, and my friend came up from Calgary to spend the afternoon at the spa with me. After having to listen to the girls at the front desk gossip while we had our pedicures and massages (supposed to be relaxing?), and dealing with them using a roasting pan to soak our feet in for the pedicure.... we didn't say anything to the owner about THAT! The only enjoyable parts of our stay were the amazing massage therapist they have employed there (but beware of having to listen to gossip), and the wonderful food provided by the coast hotel. Beware of the owner becoming defensive with any suggestions you might have!

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