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Walking into Baker’s Bird Shop is an experience unlike anything else in Edmonton. The shop, filled with squawks, songs, and soft calls from the many different kinds of birds, isn’t your typical pet store. It’s a fact of which owner and founder Paul Baker is very proud. “We aren’t like the usual pet stores around town,” he says. “We focus solely on birds and I make sure the staff here are experts in everything bird-related.”

Paul himself is a fourth-generation bird owner and his lifelong experience makes him a familiar admirer of his feathered friends. “I grew up with an aviary in our backyard,” he says. “My father gave me a macaw when I was seven years old. He told me, ‘This bird’s existence totally depends on you.’ It was an important moment for me and I had that bird until he was 58 years old.”

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    Olivia B

    Worst bird store ive ever been to. Not even a store. Its a bird hording situation with an owner with severe anger problems who cannot even take criticism or review without arguing with the post and insulting the author. The store was very dirty and gross. Would not recommend or return.

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    Julie D

    Baker's bird shop is a specialty store staffed by experts trained by the owner who is a bird biologist. I've been going here for years and would never go anywhere else for bird products. I pick the owners brain all the time and get amazing advice from him. Baker's cares for their birds and makes sure that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing when you buy one.

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    Audrey B

    Terrible business practices. To anyone that is an experienced Parrot/Bird Owner. Go into this store - pretend you know the amazing amount of things they will try to tell you need to buy from them in order to have a happy and healthy bird - while their own birds are out on display with dirty water and plucking their own feathers out. No really try it - pretend you know nothing...judge for yourself. I am only speaking of the employees I have never met the owner.

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    Réponse du marchand 7 février 2017

    I thank you for your input, I am the owner Paul Baker. You've made some pretty serious accusations. I am more than willing to sit down and discuss any concerns you may have in person. I have tried for 17 years to appease people like yourself and obviously I have failed. PS: by the way all of our birds are on water bottles, so it 's kind of hard for them to be drinking dirty water. But thank you for your astute observation.

    Rave Z

    Clear easy to rea...

    Clear easy to read. Phone number up front. List of products and services offered.

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