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    Sean M

    had an amazing experience here. Eploy Harley helped me out with everything I needed and was very knowledgeable.

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    The Geek people d...

    The Geek people don't know what they are doing and j

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    Sarah M


    On April 21 around 12 pm I went purchase a camera. I noticed the displays of cameras were very sparse. After walking around for about 15 minutes I found an associate to ask a few questions as I had a pretty good idea which features I wanted in a camera, I asked about a few cameras, I noticed that not one of the cameras actually matched the display of price and description of the features paper displayed with them, I mentioned it to the associate who immediated grabbed all the descriptions and prices and removed them, he stated I could go home and look them up online if I wanted and then he walked away. After walking around and using my phone to google some of the cameras I found the one I wanted to purchase but could not find an associate. I went to the front door and requested someone be sent to the camera department, about 10 minutes later someone came but started talking to another customer immediately who was looking at dslr cameras and accessories and trying out different lenses, I went over and explained I just wanted to purchase a camera and the associate said he would be with us in a few minutes, it was obvious he knew the other customer as they laughed and joked around, he came over once to see which camera we wanted and said he would look into it, 45 minutes later I went to the front again and explained that I still had not been helped as the associate was busy with another customer, the associate at the door told me to go stand in line at the checkout and maybe someone would help me, I explained to him I was not going to stand in line at the checkout in order for them to tell me I had to go back to the camera department to get the camera, as I had been thru that situation in the past and I knew the associate at the checkout would not be able to leave to go get the camera and probably did not have keys, after another 15 minutes of waiting we finally left the store, very frustrated

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    One Star Too Many For This Place

    I would prefer to give no stars for this store. However, you have to give one. If you like to get the most out of your money, do not shop here and specifically do not use their installation service. They have a tendency to quote you a price, set up an appointment, have you pay for the service and when you get the service done, they charge you extra. Oh but when you ask for an explanation, it will all come down to their poor staff only trying to help but simply making a mistake. At your expsense of course. This happened to us twice from the same store and same department in a matter of months. I could buy the mistake excuse once, but not twice. Do yourself a favour and go somewhere else.

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