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When customers walk into Bling on 124 Street, they are immediately struck by the unique home decor items that sparkle as the light shines through the front windows. “The definition of bling is the sound light makes when it hits something precious,” says owner Kloy Parker. “So I believe that every single piece in here is quite precious.”

Kloy started Bling in the heart of downtown in 2010. It was an ambitious project, as he combined a sandwich and coffee bar, gift shop and home decor items within a small 400 square foot space, located right across from City Hall. “There was a lot going on in one space. But I wanted to design a business that one person could run efficiently. Maybe my eyes were a little bigger than my business acumen at that point because three separate businesses under one roof became a challenge,” says Kloy.

In 2015, he moved to a bigger space on 124 Street, one more amiable to a retail environment. “When I moved to 124 [Street], I wanted to pinpoint what I really wanted to do, which was to fill people’s lives with beautiful objects.” He still serves cappuccinos, but has dropped the sandwiches and now puts more focus on bringing in artistic pieces to decorate your home.

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    Fabulous gifts and home furnishings. Excellent prices and awesome service

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