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6075-88 Street NW, Edmonton AB T6E 5T4
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    me too

    I had a bad experience as well When i rented a unit and lifted up the door a ton of water came into the unit. Clearly it was built up on the roof or something. I moved out and took my belonging to another storage facility in Leduc which is much classier.

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    The Slum of Storage places!

    Old and outdated is not worth the hassle. There's two levels of units: ground level units or the 2nd level units. On the 2nd level you have to walk up the stairs, walk down to your unit, pry the railing off which isn't easy and is scary since one wrong move and you'll fall off the edge down to the concrete ground level. Then you must get the forklift and use that to transport your things to and from your storage unit. There is no security at all really. There is someone who lives above the office at the entrance but they obviously cant be watching everyone and everything going on 24/7. Especially since my unit was broken into and nobody saw anything. Yes, they offer 24 hour access but only for an extra fee of $20. and if you were to come when it's darker there is no lights to see in your unit so bring a flashlight. Also the whole place is just old and needing care, every units door will open differently, squeaky and hard to open/close, etc. As well as the roof over one of the units blew off. It was a windy day but it wasn't hurricane weather!

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    Réponse d'entreprise 8 novembre 2011

    Be assured that the roof situation was resolved. In fact there were hurricane level winds that day, some record breaking 70 mph gusts!! There were other businesses that also lost their roofs. Considering the concrete construction of the buildings, none of the contents were harmed due to the roof situation. We have customers that do business with us since 1980 that have never had any issues. There are 2 levels, customers are given the option to view their storage unit prior to signing any forms. There are security lights all around the facility, outside the storage units. Due to the concrete construction, putting lighting in every unit is not feasible. We make every attempt to ensure that the doors are in working condition. If a customer does not report issues with their unit, we have no way of knowing as we do not have access to their unit(s).

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