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    Great Doctor. Kno...

    Great Doctor. Knows his stuff. Professional. Takes his time. Staff is pleasant, friendly and very helpful

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    Just saw Dr. Chau...

    Just saw Dr. Chaudhry a month ago for Chronic Heel Pain. I couldn't walk for more than 10 mins before I was almost in tears. Before seeing Dr. Chaudhry I had gone to my family dr. He said there was not much I can do but stay off them. Dr. Chaudhry gave me a cortisone to alleviate the pain quickly, which it did..Gave me some amazing exercises to do every day. Plus put me into orthotics. I have been wearing them for 2 weeks now and my feet feel AMAZING! I can not thank him enough.

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    Poor after purchase service!!!!!

    The receptionist that answered my initial call did not speak english and I had to repeat my name and spelling multiple times as well as my reason for calling. When I got to my appointment, the staff was very nice and seemed very knowledgeable. I was x-rayed and was told that I would need orthodics, which I assume they tell everyone. I purchased my orthodics but had extreme problems picking them up since the business advertises their hours of operation but does NOT in anyway keep them. I came by to pick up my insoles at 1:30 p.m and even though the door stated that they were open until 4 p.m no one was there. I called THREE times and left messages and was finally called back. Turns out that they do not keep the hours stated on the door or stated in their answering machine whatsoever. They close early all the time!! On the day in question they told me they closed at 12:30. This despite the fact that their door stated 4 pm and their answering machine also stated 4 p.m. I would strongly NOT recommend going there. I know that I will not.

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    Réponse du marchand 1 décembre 2011

    Dear Paige, I appreciate your concerns and will address you to the following: We are not a retail store or restaurant. We are a medical clinic that see patients via appointments. Even though we have listed hours of business, it still holds true that we see patients ONLY through appointments. If you were told that your orthotics were ready, my staff would have asked you to come in for an APPOINTMENT. We never tell you to just come by and pick them up because we may not be there to receive you. I have other clinics that I attend out of town and there are times that the clinic will be closed. It is unfortunate that you chose to come by three times without calling first. I think after the first time arriving here, you would have thought to call the next time to make an appointment. Yet, you chose to do this three times before realizing that maybe you should call first. However, that is not our fault. If you were told to make an appointment and show up without doing so, how are we supposed to help you? As far as receptionist language skills, I assure you that all of my staff is fluent in English. Sometimes, people have difficulty with last names and that in no way reflects on their communication skills. I might add, I do not always tell everybody that they need orthotics. I evaluate everybody based on their particular situation as I did for you. We make every effort to accommodate all our patients and if we knew you were coming, I can assure you they would have been there to receive you or make appropriate arrangements. We do apologize for any inconvenience to you. Thank you. Dr. Chaudhry


    My Feet Have Never Felt Better!

    Great staff, amazing doctor. I have been going here for a couple months now and already I can notice a massive improvement in my ability to get around. Dr. Chaudhry is simply the best at what he does.

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