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    all I ever seem t...

    all I ever seem to find in a future shop is college drop out kids. who don't have the experience or knowledge of the products they are selling. every other future shop I've ever been into has always been kmowlegable and helpful. I went into this downtown location since I live near by. I ended up speaking with a gentleman about a sound bar. and I bought a Samsung brand because I'm a fan of the brand. bring it home to hook it up. nothing works properly. I wasn't happy. tried calling the store 4 separate times to try and get a hold of someone who could give me more information. but out of all the times I called, no one picked up the phone! just yesterday I finally got a hold of someone at customer service. I asked to speak to a manager. the gentleman tried to answer my questions as best as he could which I appreciate and all, but I still asked to speak with a MANAGER. I asked the young man if it were possible to have someone come out and possibly hook up the sound bar for me since he made it clear I was the one doing something wrong. I asked roughly how much it would cost to install the sound bar. I was then quoted a price of at least $150. No WAY! not happening! it amazes me how they try and get as much money from you as they possibly can. its pathetic. finally I made the desicion to return it. I was happy to get the full refund back. when standing at the customer service counter the gentlman I was speaking to on the phone had asked me: curious but why are you wanting a sound bar? I said well I don't have the room for a home theatre so I wanted the sound bar and wireless subwoofer. and Samsung is a well known brand. he then started dissing his own product. saying that sound bars are not even that good. I let him know right away: do you know your dissing your own product? I actually had to laugh. I won't be buying anymore big purchases from this future shop again. I am happy to take my business elsewhere.

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