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  • Service: 3/5
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You must go here! I am an assistant from a general practice and I will not take my 3 year old anywhere else!

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My wife and I too...

My wife and I took our son here. As mentioned before Dr Graham and his staff were excellent!However we eventually ran into a billing problem of our own.We went in for the initial checkup and they gave us a quote to the tune of $2200.00 roughly. I paid the bill before the work was done and submitted it to my insurance company. They covered most of it. Perfect. But 4-5 months later we get a bill saying we owe them $550.00 because the Dr did some extra work.Funny! I don't recall being asked.

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Very friendly sta...

Very friendly staff, Dr. Graham is great at what he's doing. He did the dental surgery for my son about a year ago and his teeth have been much better. We had a follow up and my son is hypersensitive and has anxiety about sitting and laying back in the dental chair. They didn't force the issue in the least and instead he completed the check-up with my son in my lap while singing I'm a little teapot and being kind and gentle to him. That's a great dentist.

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The surgery for my son was booked at a private clinic. When my son was taken out of surgery. I was left alone with my son to come out of the anaesthetic, which for anyone who has seen this it is horrendous. My son was checked once and given a little bit of ginger ale and we were hurried out the door. As the door locked behind us my son began to cry for more ginger ale so my mom went to the receptionist to ask if we could have the can and she was informed that they did not give it out and we would have to buy our own! Overall the experience at this clinic was awful, it seemed like they didn't care about my son at all. Thankfully Dr. Ray who did the surgery was wonderful and even phoned later that evening to make sure my son was doing well. Then came the billing department. We had given our insurance information and were told that once the money came in from our insurance company that we would be billed the remainder. I knew from previous experience that my insurance company takes a least a month to send in payment so I was not concerned when a month and half had gone by with no bill. Then I receive a bill in the mail saying I was 60 days overdue. This was the very first bill I had received! My insurance company told me that this clinic was entering in the wrong provider number so they were unable to put it through. I phoned the billing department and let them know the problem and offered to pay the entire bill and deal with the insurance agency myself. She assured me that it was not necessary and that they would put it through the insurance again. At the end of the month, my husband receives a nasty phone call about why we hadn't made any payments and it was our responsibility. When I phoned my insurance, they told me that this office had continually made the same claim over and over but with no attempt to fix their mistake. The dentists here were wonderful but with the clinic they use and their billing department, for 2200 dollars, I expect much better!

Service: 3/5
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