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2035 111th Street NW, Edmonton AB T6J 4V9
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Why the bad reviews?

I have been going to Dr. Fong for 10+ years and the service has always been great. He was able to detect a problem with my thyroid from a routine check-up that my family doctor would have missed if not for the blood tests done per his recommendation. Their expertise is incredible and the staff are always friendly.

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Good Work but way to slow

I go to this dentist fairly regularily (i have a terrible set of teeth), the staff is always friendly, but especially with each other. I see Dr. liu when I go get work done. She does a great job, she minimizes pain and is very nice to me. However, she does take an extremely long time to complete work (ever dentist ive been to takes about 15 minutes give or take per cavity, she takes minimum 30 minutes sometimes longer). i think this is largely in part to the fact that she seems to prefer chatting with her assistant instead of working on your mouth which is a little concerning sometimes as she will sometimes chat while she works, i would prefer she focuses on my mouth (being that its super sensitive and that im paying her for it) instead of multi tasking. Overall : friendly staff, good work done, but extremely slow (and you will end up paying more for it as you pay them for their time to)

Service: 3/5
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Treated with the utmost disrespect

Was treated as if I was nothing. I booked my appointment with the hygienist to have a cleaning about 5 days before, I told them what I wanted done. When I got there they proceeded to tell me that I was not covered for this and I needed to have a complete examine which I did not need as it was not that long ago that I had this and they had my records from my pervious dentist. When I said no to this, the hygienist got very rude to me and said I was wasting her time that she could have booked other appointments, she then throw my paperwork at me and said I owed $50.00. The dentist(Dr. Luu) just sat there and let her talk to me like this, without saying a word. It is people like me that pay her wage and deserve to be treated with respect as I would treat her. When I got back home and phoned our benefit provider, I learned that I was covered for a cleaning, so they say they do there homework but do they really?

Service: 1/5
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