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When Raymond Merhej hires a new staff member for his IT consultancy company, Infolink, he has one simple criterion which they have to fulfill: they have to be better than him. “I want people who add value to our services,” he says. “I don’t want them to eat off my plate, but to bring their own plate to the table so we can eat together.”

To this end, Raymond hires professionals who have the right attitude, not necessarily aptitude, as he puts it. “You can’t change the former, but you can develop the latter.”

This forward-thinking attitude is what led Raymond to building up his IT company from scratch after arriving in Canada from Lebanon in 1994. “I had a friend who was like a lifeboat to me when I first arrived with my family,” Raymond says.

With a background in IT and business, and years of experience as a controller in an investment company in Beirut, Raymond’s friend inspired him to open his own company. “It‘s hard to deliver quality without money but, step by step, I managed it,” says Raymond. “You just invest a little each time after each job, and then get a higher quality assignment, and the cycle continues.”

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