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9944 82 Ave NW, Edmonton AB T6E 1Y9
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Bernie Krause has worked in K & K Foodliner since he was 11 years-old. His father and uncles started the shop in 1956 when they emigrated from Germany. In the 1960s, they expanded by opening two more stores. In 1999, Bernie and his brother Rudy took over running the business from the founders of K & K, Albert and Rudolf, as it was time for them to retire.

“We chose to combine the stores into one location on Whyte Avenue,” Bernie says. “So we figured, let’s reduce it to one and make it even better.” With over 50 different kinds of sausage made weekly, all MSG- and gluten-free, K & K Foodliner delivers an impressive selection of quality meats for its customers. “When you start with quality ingredients you always get a quality product,” Bernie says.

“We stand out as a business because we make leaner sausages, so they’re actually healthier,” Bernie says. “There are other meat shops around, but it’s very friendly between us. We buy products from them, they buy from us. More restaurants are buying from us than ever before – they too want a healthier and consistent product for their restaurants.”

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