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In Canada, in the 1970s, contemporary art started to become more prominent. There was more federal funding available and artists started getting together to set up their own galleries to promote their style of art. One of those was Edmonton’s Latitude 53 Art Gallery and, decades later, the not-for-profit organization is still going strong. “Running any gallery is precarious and we are one of the lucky few that made it through,” says Adam Waldron-Blain, the gallery’s program director. “We have a distinct mission. We are about showcasing great and important work and some of the most exciting things happening in Alberta.”

Latitude 53 is constantly interacting with the art community to promote thought-provoking visual art. Over the years, the gallery has moved through several different locations but their goals have never swayed. “I think there’s a lot to be excited about in Edmonton and Alberta,” says Adam. “There are always young people starting new projects. There’s a freshness. There are a lot of projects – some we’re part of and some we’re an audience for – and there’s people opening new spaces, so it’s great to be part of a growing scene.”

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