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    have been a customer for 4 years and 'never' had any problems whatsoever. always done on time and for a good price !!!

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    Prepaid to get my pants altered. Went to pick up my pants the next day and the owner claimed I didn't pay her. If you want to get ripped off , this is the place to go.

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    Réponse du marchand 2 juin 2016

    Jason. First of all, let me set this straight. You brought in a pair of pants to be hemmed and you wanted to pick it up later that night. You pleaded, so I agreed to do them for you but you wasted my time as you failed to come back and retrieve it. You also said you had a second pair that needed to be done, but after you tried bargaining and I refused, you contemplated and changed your mind and said you were going to wear it for now and bring it tomorrow. Never once did you try and make a payment that day. The next day when you picked up your pants, you only paid for the pants that you picked up. NOT for the pants that you were dropping off, which by the way was worn to their full potential. They were completely covered in mud starting from the bottom of your pants to the top. In short, you claimed to have paid for two pants when you really only paid for one. If you had paid for both, it would have been duly noted. And if you paid, there would have been evidence. There may have been more than one worker but the only tailor is me, which means I’m the one who served you and I’m the one who did your pants. So when you make your false claims, try and not do it to someone who in fact served you. Probably it’s due to the reason being that because you were cheap and I didn’t give you a discount or that I happened to catch you in the middle of your lie when you were being served by my sister. Either or, I guess the only way to save your own face is for you to defame me. So if you want an unbelievably rude and penny-pinching customer that asks for discounts, makes claims about paying when he didn't, wastes your time by asking for rushed orders, brings in completely soiled clothing and expects you to just hem them the way they were or likes defaming people who provides a service he can not do himself. This is the perfect customer to serve.

    Doran W

    Always done ahead...

    Always done ahead of time even when I ask for very quick service. Very accommodating and friendly staff. Excellent repair work and tailoring as well. Use them very frequently for over a year perhaps over 2 years.

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