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    Matthew M

    That guy is nuts

    I find the course simple and wide open if you have never played and want to try a course that's not overly challenging just know that even my twelve year old son can gain confidence in his ability to hit the ball at a course that in five rounds there I have yet to lose a ball the staff would only hurry extremely slow and terrible golfers who are spending more time chatting up the beer cart girl than teeing off and practice putting

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    Worst experience in 25 years of golf

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COURSE especially if you are a new or inexperienced golfer. Our experience there was absolutely, completely, unequivocally, entirely disappointing and tasteless. We were rushed by the staff, while at the same time having to wait for grounds crews to mow the greens (at 5pm on a holiday evening). Some of our party were novices and so we took steps to hurry (picking up the ball etc...) but still the staff felt the need to tell us to hurry along even more. While we did not move exceptionally fast we still finished 9 holes in just under 2 hours. It got so bad that one of our party decided to not play the last 2 1/2 holes out of 9. Just my 2 cents but I will never go back nor suggest anyone that I know do so either.

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