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    Vanessa M

    Every time I have...

    Every time I have entered this store, the staff have been helpful and cheerful people. I have bought several pairs of shoes from here, as well as two really nice corsets I'm super happy with. This is a great store!

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    After being verbally abusive towards staff, this customer was issued a full refund.

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    Buyer beware!

    I decided to go to Nightshade for my wedding corset, I went to the location at old strath, the service at the store at the time of purchase was great, the selection was great, that said my corset had to be ordered in the colour I was looking for. Turn around time for the order was 6-8 weeks, which is no problem at all for a special order. That said, they lost the order, the payment, in fact they have no record of the sale at all. While I was fairly calm about it, the staff at the store has no time to deal with my issue, I was spoken to rudely, tone and language, told I would have to wait until I was called and until then there was no answer. Well I am still waiting, have no answer, no corset and a wedding gown fitting fast approaching. if you can purchase your item immediately then you may be happy, but if you have to order this item I am going to caution buyer beware.

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