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10135 31 Ave NW, Edmonton AB T6N 1C2
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    I would have given NO STARS if it was possible. Never in my life have I been treated this poorly by a shuttle service. I booked 10 days in advance (over the phone) for a ride from Edmonton airport to the Fantasyland hotel for myself and my small child in a wheelchair. I received a confirmation email from Skyshuttle and printed it out to present to the agent when I arrived in Edmonton. I did just that - only to be told that they do not transport wheelchairs - and that if I wanted to wait for

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    Our hotel provided us with travel vouchers for transportation to and from WEM. Our flight home was not until the evening, so we decided to spend the day at galaxyland. Our hotel stored our luggage to be picked up upon our return. We were dropped off by the Sky Shuttle and told to phone to arrange a shuttle back to our hotel. We tried to arrange a ride back to our hotel and they said it was impossible and would either drive us from the mall right to the airport or call us a taxi at our expense.

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    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!! Zero compassion, will not give a partial refund for a booking error. Their travel times are 3 times that of a cab or limo service, which is not clear on their website!

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    Unreliable, unfriendly, not recommended

    To sum up: bad service, not on time, unfriendly. I was scheduled to be picked up at 4:09pm at a hotel in Edmonton, shuttle did not show up. Called just to be told the shuttle was stuck in traffic. Called again 15 minutes later and unfriendly staff told me again the shuttle was stuck in traffic and they would not take responsibility for delays as stated on website. They could not tell me though how long it would take. At 4:45pm I called again and said I would take a cab and ask them to pay the difference. They denied and said shuttle was on its way (there was another regular pickup scheduled for 4:45pm). At 4:52 pm shuttle arrived, unfriendly driver. At the airport he seriously asked me why I do not tip him. Very disappointed in this service. I assume they did not have enough demand for the 4:09pm shuttle, canceled it and just let me wait for the next shuttle at 4:45pm. They use their disclaimer on the website as an excuse for this. If you want to use this service, never pay in advance so that you can switch to taxi if they do not show without losing your money...

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