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    Strange noises coming from the drive train, My vehicle was taken in promptly and the mechanic test drove it and inspected it on the lift. They also brought me in to show and confirm with me the troubles I was having. I was only charged a minimal fee for them to diagnose the problem, they were not pushy and only offered suggestions on what I could do to fix the problem. I felt informed and confident in the mechanic taking care of me and most importantly,trust.Will be doing further business here.

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    very poor customer service

    typical shop mantality from OWNER (bijor) or whatever, said i need to bring in vehical and would not listen to problem only wanted to see truck, i told him i would like guesstimate not quote, or even idea,he said he had to see truck,when i explained it was not that easy i needed more comfort in knowing they could fix it he said he could not tell me on the phone? how can u own this type of buisness expecting people to pay to have there cars towed all over edmonton??? when i explained this was not good customer service, he replied....sir i just recived the customer appreciation award for all off edmonton...LOL BAH HA HA HA HA well frame it and hang it on your wall because thats what i look for when i need my car fixed right!

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    Réponse du marchand 23 janvier 2013

    In response to the review, all I asked the customer to bring his vehicle to get a free estimate as I can not see what modification he have done on his vehicle to even give him a approximate idea. So estimate for some exhaust work on a customer modified vehicle is very hard over the phone. Best suggestion is to bring it down and we will do free estimate for that vehicle-that is my point and I would say this review is very inappropriate-customer is taking his frustration personally out to the business-sorry

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