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    Jordan Z

    a few years ago m...

    a few years ago my aunt passed away without notice. leaving behind her store and taking all her knowldge with her, including how to use the cash register... i called the number to get some help figuring it out and explained to the guy on the line that the only person who knows how to use it passed away and if he could give me a couple quick pointers to get it running... he wanted 50 dollars in order for him to tell me this over the phone... was not impressed with the lack of sympathy at all... all about the money.

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    Great Service, reasonale price

    After search on the internet and other local company, I bought a cash register from star cash. they sell at a very reasonable price, they programmed it as exactly what I want. the manager also told me I got one year warranty, I could just call if there is any problem. the cash register is heavy duty, much better than the old one I got from costco, definitely worth the price

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    So So So Expensive

    To Expensive, they charged all kind money. They are money eating company.

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    Awesome System

    We needed a system really quickly because our Micros system broke down. We called up Star and they put a system and had it all going in 2 DAYS. They worked really hard and were there until closing both nights.The people there really know their stuff and the system works great !! :)

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