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There’s a new upbeat, low-impact workout that is becoming popular around the world and you can only find it at one place in the Edmonton area: Barre Body Studio. Owner Megan Clark had some friends opening a similar studio in Calgary and knew it would succeed here, too. “There’s really no other workout like it,” she exclaims. “It’s a blend of ballet, Pilates and yoga. Most of the classes are done at the barre.”

While the workout utilizes a ballet barre, you don’t need prior dance knowledge to participate and reap the benefits. This isn’t dancing, it’s about body control and focusing on specific muscles. “Because movements are so small and controlled, they get really deep into the muscles and create a burning feeling,” says Megan. “We target a small group of muscles at a time and isolate them and take them to fatigue and then stretch them out so you get those long lean muscles.”

The instructors at Barre Body Studio have taken specific training to teach the class and make sure every session is different. They avoid set choreography to keep participants engaged and make sure the energy is always high.

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