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    Dog Daycare Now Comes With a Side of Bortadella

    My wife and I were looking to put our dog in daycare and after searching around for what we thought was the best place, we chose Tailz. What a mistake that was. The day care told us that all dogs had to be up to date on vaccinations, including kennel cough. We took our bulldog to day care on the Thursday and by Sunday night we started noticing he had a runny nose and was snorting more than usual. We took him to the vet to find out he has kennel cough despite being vaccinated against it. We knew right away it was from the day care because he hadn't been anywhere else or in contact with any other dogs. Tailz minimized what kennel cough really is. Yes, it isn't dangerous or life threatning similar to the flu; however, to the bulldog breed which already has enough respiratory issues on its own, it is something that really needs to be avoided. I understand that all dogs get sick, but they shouldn't be at the daycare until they are better. I asked for a refund of the remaining days our dog had left but the manager/owner refused to refund the money I ended up settling for a store credit. All this daycare did was cost me a trip to the vet. Seriously Tailz, keeping my money I guess is more important than keeping a customer who would have kept coming back. I guess you need the money more than we do.

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