The Brian Webb Dance Company
PO Box 53092 Rpo Glenora, Edmonton AB T5N 4A8
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When Brian Webb was seventeen, he took a class that would change the way he understood life. “I took my first movement class when I did my undergraduate degree, starting in 1969. And I took that movement class and it changed my life — that one class,” he says.

From that moment on, dance became Brian’s reality. Days after graduating, he moved out east to the city of dreams for many artists throughout the world: New York. “I moved to New York to become a dancer and I danced there throughout the 1970s,” he says. Brian would make one last stop in Los Angeles to pursue his master’s degree in the performing arts before coming back home to Edmonton, permanently.

Since then, the Brian Webb Dance Company (BWDC) has given Edmonton more than 30 diverse seasons of contemporary dance. Community involvement drives the company forward. “I feel that working in Edmonton, I am part of the community, which is different than saying I’m part of the arts community — I am part of the arts community. But I really try not to isolate myself from the community, as I want to be part of the community at large,” says Brian. “And I think that’s reflected in the audience that the Brian Webb Dance Company has.”

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