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    You can count the real watchmakers in Alberta on one hand. These guys are one of them and they truly know what they are doing. All the negative comments I have read so far are obviously from people who do not have the slightest clue of the watchmaking industry. Servicing watches and clocks is not only a question of engineering but also experience. It is impossible to have all parts in stock especially in Canada where many distributors do not have the parts in stock either.

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    Ditto to most previous reviews: 0! Very slow, don't return phone calls, always have an excuse why watch/clock not repaired. Holding product for 3-4 months is unacceptable!

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    Excellence service, this is our second visit, both were quick, reasonably priced and great service.

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    Most useless business ever. I dropped my sportswatch off one day to get the band fixed. I told the lady there that I only wanted it fixed if it was worth it to me. She said she couldn't tell until her husband came back. I left the watch and asked them to call me in the next day or two to tell me the repair cost. Fast forward 3 weeks with no response, and three voicemails left with this business, I decided to pick up the watch. They hadn't even looked at it yet.

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    Excellent Shop! I...

    Excellent Shop! I wouldn't worry about the reviews below, it seems like some people have nothing better to do than to complain. I've been a client since 1990, obviously they have to be doing something right to be in business for 25 years! When other shops have turned me down Time Piece was able to help. When other shops wanted to ship my watches away for repairs, Time Piece made repairs on site! Very good shop and one of only a handful of actual watchmakers left in Alberta!

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    There needs to be...

    There needs to be a minus stars rating. Took my father's gold watch in to have a new battery put in. The day after I picked it up, the time setting wheel "fell" off. How mysterious. It cost a bundle to get it fixed (I took it to a jewellery store to get that done) because I don't trust Time Piece any more. I took a clock there to get fixed. Weeks went by and I kept getting the run-around on how they were waiting for parts. (It was not a rare clock.) These people are completely incompetent.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 5 juin 2015

    I'm sorry your experience at our shop was not to your satisfaction. Regarding your "setting wheel." If this was truly a concern, why was the watch not brought back to us? We could have had a closer look and likely fixed the problem free of charge for you. We were never given the opportunity to make it right. And I can assure you if we were the cause of the problem, we would have taken care of the issues. Regarding your clock, I wasn't aware that you studied our supply chain and know exactly how long we wait for parts? Literally hundreds of small pieces make up movements in clocks and watches. If you feel you could do the job better, maybe I could hire you as the new parts person? The rarity of the clock/watch plays no role in how quickly parts can be located.


    Stay far far far ...

    Stay far far far away from this store!! Took my watch in for repairs in April 2014 and it's now March 2015 and it's still not fixed. They keep telling me that a part is being ordered in but apparently it never shows up or it's the wrong part. I call they don't call me back. I leave messages they don't call me back. Every time I call I get attitude like I've done something wrong. Don't waste your hard earned money at this establishment!!!

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    poor poor service

    They had my clock for 4.5 months and would not answer their phones or return any of my numerous messages I have left over the months. I went to pick it up and did not get a single apology or reasoning for not returning my calls. It was not fixed. I extremely unhappy and would not recommend this company

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