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Évaluations et commentaires - Waterloo Ford Lincoln

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    Kimberly J


    VERY POOR ALL AROUND. I have been a 4 year loyal service customer and I would have said you would find no better service than at Waterloo Ford, until I purchased a used vehicle from them. When I picked my vehicle up it had an additional almost 1000kms, rear shocks, a severe smoking issue and some other issues. Waterloo was deceptive throughout the entire sales process. they have fixed some of the problems but have now refused to do anything more. the manager i was originally dealing with has not been with waterloo ford for a few months and was dismissive to my complaints when he was there. I had hoped that the experience would have been better than me going to some backyard dealer. I now have the warranty and Waterloo Ford service records that show the km discrepancy and that the vehicle I purchased was in for service due to a check engine light 4 days after I signed the contract and 2 days prior to my delivery of the vehicle. Waterloo said there was a delay for delivery because of a back up at the body shop for my protective paint package. Waterloo says they have gone above and beyond, the problems still exsist and you say white blue lingering smoke and a rich diesel smell is normal. And no one seems to care about the additonal almost 1000kms, from purchase to delivery.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 23 mai 2017

    Hi Kimberly, I find this review disturbing that you're experience was so bad. You should have a received an apology by now & because you haven't I want to apologize to you on behalf of our business here at Waterloo. While I understand I did not become employed here until recently I would like to say you would never experience that kind of treatment or service again. If it was possible to make up the experience some how I would love to try to find a way to make things right. Unfortunately with the vehicle you purchased here there is no way to rectify the experience but rest assured if there is any chance to do so I would be glad to assist you in anyway I can. I can not apologize to you for that treatment enough. Moving forward with new management in a new era is important & we are making huge strides to improve our reputation.

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