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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
    Tim L

    Gibbons regstry

    I phoned the regestry on a Saturday afternoon to get hours of operation. 12:30pm she said. I had forgot to regester my car and let her know I would be there before 12:30 as I called her at 12:05pm. I had to wait for my dad to bring my car in from 5miles out of town. Nervous, not to miss regestering my car, I had my re-newal ready , shoes on and waited at the door. Ran out and told my dad to go and watch my 21/2yr old and went uptown. Oh no I did not have my 2011 ins. in the car, but had my 2010. Told the lady there I would be right back. Just from manners, or lack there of, attitude, body language, and tone of voice I knew I had to be back before 12:30pm. In a panic, but knowing where my 2011 pink card was, went home and got there 1 minuite before 12:30. Fewf, not so much. The door was locked and no one was there. It is a terrible feeling to know that In a small town, where you would think, after talking to someone on the phone, going to the buisness, saying I would right back, comming back, still before the sign closing on the door, I did not even stand a chance of regestering my car. What a pitty. Keep in mind, Not everyone has the same attitude. There are people who care and people who don't. All in all, The experience that I had, left me confused and dissapointed, and with no registration on my car.

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