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    Pretty arrangement BUT that only goes so far...

    Placed order online early in the morning for same day delivery. Called to confirm they received my order even forwarded my confirmation email to them to make sure my order was in. Verbally confirmed the delivery address to make sure all information was provided and accurate. By 8pm flowers still were not delivered, I tried to call and email but they're store closed at 5pm. Flowers were eventually delivered around 9pm that evening but they wouldn't return my calls or email, (and still haven't). Found out from the delivery driver that he had to figure out the address as the one they provided him was incorrect. Usually i'd order from Bloomex and let them contact a local flowershop however I thought because I knew of a local flowershop I'd cut out the middle man and order straight from the source. At least with Bloomex.ca I can contact someone from Customer Service any time of the day I want...they even send a delivery confirmation. Maybe Corinthia should consider doing the same. Normally I wouldn't be that upset but the flowers were on behalf of someone for someone and it came too late. That aside, shouldn't a company call (or email) back a customer that has tried to contact them numerous times for an apology (or at least an explanation??) Will be going through Bloomex.ca from now on, or Leduc Florists. At least they call back.

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