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    Kelly M

    Ordered contacts ...

    Ordered contacts for my Fiance about 2 months ago... They never showed up. Not entirely sure why? Apparently they were back ordered....but for a place that does glasses and contacts to not be able to get regular contact lenses in for 2 months--to me that is insanity... Every time I went in to check I was made to feel like a bad person "WE WILL CALL YOU WHEN THEY COME IN".... it was ridiculous. I will never ever ever go back there...

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    Karlie P

    Optometrist was o...

    Optometrist was over 30 minutes late and I was the first appointment. Booked this appointment to avoid delay. Got a new pair of glasses. Was not offered anti glare, was unaware when I had them finalized anti glare could not be put on and the receptionist was very uneducated. When I dropped off my glasses two weeks after receiving them for anti glare, the receptionist failed to call to confirm to me that this service couldn't be done and I called again two weeks later asking when they'd be ready and she said they could not be serviced and could be picked up at any time. Thanks for wasting my time, I'll never go back again. Worst service ever. Hope there's better optometrists in Lethbridge since I'm still quite new to the city.

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    Great doc, but the staff...

    I found Dr. Mezei to be a superb optometrist over the last 13 years. His skills in diagnosis, treatment and referral for specialized treatment when necessary has served me exceptionally well and is above reproach. The only fault to be found lies with the support staff. an inability to accomodate an explained time line of payment for products, 90 days, results in repeated(sometimes multi) weekly calls to client, family contacts annd even work. This harassment when addressed results in argument, denial and even accusations of abuse. I am also a healthcare professional and an aggravated raised voice is NOT abuse. I is an expression of frustration.Fabricating claims of profanity just reflects the staffs awareness of ther impropriety. Conclusively with Dr. Mezeis' professional ability in account he may need to keep an eye on his support staff to weigh their skills and methods against the loss of long time clients and their families.

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